the juggernaut

The Juggernaut is my main model, designed as an 8-string baritone guitar. It has been my “canvas” for many of my inlay ideas and I’ve been upgrading and perfecting it in the past 2 years. Recently the shape was changed as well It’s construction progress is very solid now, it’s mostly fitting in new, out-of-the-box, ideas (for example LED and 3D artwork) in it that still challenge me a lot. The Juggernaut is huge (standard scale has been 29.4″ so far), versatile, ergonomic, well-balanced, as light as possible in weight and of very high quality in selected woods and hardware. 

WOOD, standard parts & hardware

Woods that I commonly use:


  • Swamp ash
  • Swietenia mahagony
  • Black limba
  • Thermo limba
  • Walnut


  • Figured maple
  • Flamed maple
  • Maple burl
  • Buckeye burl
  • Figured walnut
  • Walnut burl
  • Figured redwood
  • Redwood burl
  • Australian eucalyptus burl


  • Maple
  • Flamed maple
  • Wenge
  • Purpleheart 
  • Walnut
  • Padouk


  • Ebony
  • Ziricote
  • Flamed maple
  • Birdseye maple
  • Macassar ebony
  • Bocote
  • Wenge

Standard parts/hardware products I use:

  • Lungren pickups, custom made to the angle of the multiscale is in.
  • Hipshot locking tuners, (slanted) hardtail bridge and knobs.
  • Jescar fretwire.
  • Luminlay sidedots.
  • Dunlop flushmount straplocks.
  • Graph Tech nut.
  • Kalium (custom) stringset.
  • MEC pots and electronics.
  • Hiscox case.


Finished January 2017

The Juggernaut ‘Textyres’ was the first Juggernaut that featured a transitioning fretboard from the ziricote top to the birdseye maple headstock. The multi-layered hollow body together with the ergonomical carved back make it very comfortable to play.

Finished May 2018

The Juggernaut ‘Samurai’ features a custom designed  inlay from a lot of different materials including a piece of Damast steel sword.

Finished April 2018

The main features of the Juggernaut ‘Vortex‘ would be the 3D inlay inside the wenge fretboard and the illuminated view of the Rosette nebula encapsulated in an acrylic casing inside the body.

Finished May 2018

One of the most challenging builds, the Juggernaut ‘Aztec III’ features a fully LED lit inlay in the body as well as the fretboard. Some goals were to make every part of the inlay visible (no dark spots), to make it without the use of acryllics but just woods and the LEDs programmable.

Finished November 2017

One of my most popular guitars, the Juggernaut ‘Fragments’, has a lot going on. The void in the middle of the body is filled with epoxy with a lot of randomly placed cubes (becoming smaller towards the middle) that make it look like the guitar is breaking up inside itself. The fretboard follows a similar pattern using the same size 2D squares transitioning through the woods the body is made out of.

Finished November 2018

The Juggernaut ‘Fractyres’ was build as a demo for NAMM 2019. It’s to represent the essence of the Juggernaut, featuring the specs that work best for it. Although it was supposed to be kept simple, the fretboard was turned into something a little more complex…


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