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Jort Heijen
Zamenhofstraat 118
1022AG Amsterdam
Phone: +31 6 54358928
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Woods and visuals

  • Layers
    Aesthetically-wise I love working with contrasting woods such as this black limba/wenge/amboyna burl Juggernaut.
  • Classic combination
    This is my original wood combination: Figured walnut top Wenge layer Swietenia mahogany body
  • Flamed maple
    One of my favorite woods. (Flamed) maple is one of the most versatile woods that can be used in a guitar.
  • Walnut tops
    Walnut is one of my favorite woods. Just look at those patterns!
  • Always on the lookout
    I'm a real woodfreak and always on the lookout for woods I can use in my guitars. All the woods I use are selected by me personally and stored well dry.