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Jort Heijen
Zamenhofstraat 118
1022AG Amsterdam
Phone: +31 6 54358928
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The Juggernaut is my main model, designed as an 8-string baritone guitar. It has been my "canvas" for many of my inlay ideas and I've been upgrading and perfecting it in the past 2 years. Recently the shape was changed as well It's construction progress is very solid now, it's mostly fitting in new, out-of-the-box, ideas (for example LED and 3D artwork) in it that still challenge me a lot. The Juggernaut is huge (standard scale has been 29.4" so far), versatile, ergonomic, well-balanced, as light as possible in weight and of very high quality in selected woods and hardware. More of this in the following tabs you can find in the menu to the left.
  • AutoCAD
    The design of every Juggernaut starts off in AutoCAD which is my tool to express my creativity.
  • Real-life
    This is the "most custom" version of the Juggernaut so far. It has all the ideas I put in the previous, old-shaped guitars, put into one. With a one-of-a-kind fretboard, high class woods (ziricote and birdseye maple), hollow-body, multiscaled, custom made pickups and bridge. Set as a benchmark version... for now!
  • The backview
  • First Juggernaut 8 (old version)
    The first 8-string Juggernaut with figured walnut top, wenge layer and swietenia mahogany body (the standard wood configuration).
  • First Juggernaut 7 (old version)
    The first Juggernaut 7 that was send off to Japan.