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Jort Heijen
Zamenhofstraat 118
1022AG Amsterdam
Phone: +31 6 54358928
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  • Lundgren pickups

    Lundgren pickups

    My main supplier is Lundgren Pickups (located in Sweden). Their high quality work and good communication is what keeps me sticking.
  • Standard pickups

    Standard pickups

    Their M8/M7 is the standard pickup I use. It's Meshuggah's number one choice so that's why I started using them in the first place. For more information go to:
  • Slanted pickups

    Slanted pickups

    At Lundgren they can make slanted pickups as well.
  • Custom controls

    Custom controls

    For the controls I make custom PCBs to connect the very nice MEC pots. Very neat looking!